Ah! My Goddess Bad Goddess Ep 1 The Intervention Remix

Ah! My Goddess Bad Goddess Ep 1 The Intervention Remix

Ah! My Goddess: Bad Goddess is a FAN FILM Season made for the internet community, that is only available on YouTube and, but has a listing on Internet Movie Database with an extensive Trivia Section explaining it. Over the years, as fans repeatedly questioned when Kodansha was going to get around to making a third season, discussed the possibility of Fan Film episodes being made unprofessionally and under the radar as an experiment. One of their members, Kevin Neece, who was, at the time, interning at a Public Access Station in Austin, TX, got the idea to adapt his SATIRICAL SPOOF Fan Fiction series, Bad Goddess, in the form of a Storyboarded Practical Joke Fake Pitch Video Comic, using screencaptured stock animation off of the Ah! My Goddess dvds.

The PlotEdit

Belldandy Urd Where Did Keiichi Go
In order to not upset the AMG Internet Community, Kevin chronologically set the series to take place TWENTY YEARS AFTER the Niflheim Rebellion incident in the Oh My Goddess Manga, thereby freeing the Producers of Ah! My Goddess to finish adapting the rest of Kosuke Fujishima's stories. In Kevin's alternate universe, The Goddesses met Kosuke Fujishima after all of their adventures, and allowed him to adapt their stories into the manga, hence the anime convention fandom of Ah My Goddess now exists in Belldandy's universe, and the Goddesses could earn a living cosplaying as themselves. Immediately after the first pilot movie, things take a turn for the bizarre when Planet Earth is wiped out in a Nuclear Holocaust and the Nekomi Gang is relocated to another Planet that's been technologically upgraded like Blade Runner meets the Fifth Element. There, they befriend a Doctor Who impersonator that works on Public Access, photoshop cast as Charlie Day, Stephen Geoffreys, Sean Gunn, Lloyd Kaufman, and Jeffrey Combs. Doctor What doesn't fight the Daleks, or live up to the adventures of the BBC tv show, although he does have the ability to jump dimensions into other people's anime shows. The Villains of the Bad Goddess universe are a terrorist group called The Individual Me's (stolen from a 1964 Rod Serling Nuclear Holocaust film called Carol for Another Christmas, which features the ghosts of Past Present and Future).

Kevin from the Other DimensionEdit

KFOD Scary
When Kevin wrote the Fan Fiction series, he didn't just want to make Ah My Goddess dirty and foul mouthed, he wanted to put extra layers into the stories to make it psychological, and allegorical, and possibly even cathartic. In the stories, the Goddesses become Self Aware that their show has been hijacked by a Blacklisted Bootlegger, and repeatedly criticize his bad writing decisions, often referring to him as Kevin from the Other Dimension, while secretly plotting on how to get their original creators back, aka Hiroaki Goda and Kosuke Fujishima. This was partly inspired by a Daffy Duck cartoon called Duck Amuck where Daffy breaks the fourth wall and starts arguing with the Animator. It was also intended to be a metaphor for how people constantly blame god for their bad life decisions.

The AllegoryEdit

Planet Belldandy Ensemble Cast
Kevin also used the Ah My Goddess characters to create metaphorical "Brer Rabbit" stories about his life, particularly the incident where he tried to leak all of Alamo Drafthouse Theater's preshow material online, exposing them for ripping their material off the internet. Kevin's revenge tactics fell flat on his face, as the theater didn't care one way or the other, but eventually he realized he may have accidentally saved theatrical material for future film collectors that would've otherwise been thrown away, and finally came to terms that his Blacklisting was his own fault and perhaps it was time to let things go and move on with his life. Kevin's point with these stories, was that, no matter how hopeless your life looks, perhaps there is still light left at the end of the tunnel. The Keys of Marinus also features a climax where the characters represent the Angels of Judgment telling the story of his life to decide if he should be sent to hell for committing suicide. This scene was created in reference to Kevin's Nephew, Dylan Guitierrez taking his own life, so that he could put a memorial for him in the film.

Minor ControversyEdit

While Kevin's attempt to create a new Ah My Goddess universe was admirable, and feature the same sentimentality and passion as the original anime series, the show features a sense of humor similar to South Park, and would earn itself a Hard R-Rating due to Foul Language and Adult Subject Matter. Because Kevin made the show without permission from Kodansha from stolen internet materials, it can never be released on dvd through a distributor. Kevin was called out by a French Photographer as a Thief for using some of her models for the Three Norns off of what he thought was a Desktop Background that had already been downloaded a thousand times over. In his attempts to get a critical response from the Ah My Goddess Voice Cast Members, none of them responded, and whenever he attempted to post the videos in anime facebook groups, or send them to anime film reviewers, they removed the links, referring to the show as illegal. Eventually, Kevin had to acknowledge this and make fun of it in his own show to explain to the Ah My Goddess community why it was having such a hard time finding an audience. Eventually, the show started to slowly find it's own group of fans when Kevin started paying YouTube to recommend the videos.

Marller Gets a SpinoffEdit

Yggdrasil Central Peorth Notices Welsper 1
About one year after completing the adaptation of almost the entire fan fiction series, Kevin lost his job off Public Access and decided to vent all of his anger by rebooting the series and making it about Mara Marller. This time, it would be different. Kevin tried to make most of the episodes crossovers with other Anime shows so that he could take the Bad Goddess formula and make fun of other tv series in SNL Sketch Format. The plot concerns Doctor What and Sayoko kidnapping Mara Marller and getting stranded in the Middle Ages, where they find Velsper the Demon Child (before he was turned into Belldandy's Housecat), and Keiichi Morisato's Twin Ancestor, Keiichi the Spineless. The Marller Gang does battle with a Medieval Warlock called The Dragon Eye, but just when they think they've won, The Dragon Eye uses the Tardis to unleash Thirteen Demons into the other Anime Universes that the Marller Gang now has to track down and bring to justice. The plot is a SPOOF PARODY of quest format cartoon shows like The Thirteen Ghosts of Scooby Doo or The Pirates of Dark Water, which were cancelled before they could reach a resolution. Some of the crossover characters include: Those Who Hunt Elves, Hellsing, Ghost in the Shell, Najica Blitz Tactics, The Guyver, Bubblegum Crisis, eX-Driver.

The Moral Dilemma Part 1Edit

Skuld Wait What Title Card 7
Shortly after completing Marller Gets a Spinoff, Kevin witnessed one of his actresses from his youtube documentaries alleging on facebook that she had been sexually assaulted by a member of The New Movement Comedy Club, and that the owners of the venue did little to nothing about the situation, giving the accused "a good talking to" and then allowing him to continue intermixing with the other members. The girl alleged that he may have had other victims. Kevin immediately screencaptured her accusation and sent it to the local police who said that there was little to nothing they could do if no one would co-operate (including the girl herself). She immediately blocked Kevin on facebook, which kept him from getting the rest of the facts about the situation. Kevin was so upset that he vented all of his frustrations into a Bad Goddess PSA about Sexual Assault Awareness called The Moral Dilemma. He then tried to give it to the manager of The New Movement Comedy Club in person, without telling her what was on the dvd, and she was nervous to take it, stating that she had just resigned, implying something was deathly wrong. Kevin created a testimony video for the police trying to argue his case about why the issue should be looked into even though the girl refused to come forward. He then tried to give the video to the Police and the Local News. He was immediately chastised by all of his friends, out of fear that he accidentally involved them, and they caused him to second guess himself out of fear that he may have been wrong.

You're Under Arrest: Path of the Raven Part 2Edit

Bokuto Police Station Natsumi I Want to Know What
He then got into an argument with a friend of his over facebook, and realized that she was a lead towards getting information about the incident to the police, and that she was telling more about herself and the incident in anger than she did when he asked her politely. Kevin repeatedly screencaptured their conversations, turning them into You're Under Arrest cartoon PSAs to further anger and upset her into helping him. In the cartoon, Kevin's dialogue was played by Officer Ken, and the girl's dialogue was played by Natsumi Tsujimoto, and Kevin's Note assessments were made by Miyuki Kobayakawa and the Chief. But the whole affair crashed and burned, falling victim to a case of Tragic Irony. The girl that Kevin was trying to get information from, was herself being accused of covering up Sexual Assault Allegations, only this time, there was a large body of evidence to suggest it was SLANDER. The accuser was upset over losing control over a facebook group and somehow convinced all of her friends to attack Kevin's lead with no evidence whatsoever. The Accuser's actions also affected Kevin as he had a documentary show called Saul Ravencraft's Vault of Horror that was almost cancelled when the Accuser called up the venue and threatened them to shut down all of the horror screenings, under the guise that she worked for SAFE and the local APD. As it turned out, SAFE had no records of any accusations ever being made against the accused.

She Liked It Spooky: The Drag/Burlesque DocumentaryEdit

Kevin's You're Under Arrest cartoon conversations build up to Kevin taking a Documentary job recording a Memorial Drag/Burlesque show at an Austin TX venue called The Elysium. Kevin knew that a fight was going to break out, and while he couldn't catch it on camera at the risk of them destroying his camera, he was able to use his videos to create map of the surrounding areas and maintain a time frame of events and where people were to help the Police should they look into it. During the recording of the documentary, anything and everything went wrong. The lighting of the venue was too dark, and the noise was too loud. Ultimately, all of the wrong accidentally created a right, as all of Kevin's friends thought that the film was hilarious in a shot on vhs mom and pop video store kind of way.

The Children's HourEdit

Natsumi Urd Bedroom 4
Kevin's friends, that were mentioned in the You're Under Arrest: Path of the Raven cartoons were horrified, even though he had disguised them using You're Under Arrest cartoon characters to deliver their dialogue and only used first names to reference other people, and demanded he never release the episodes online out of fear that it would hurt their case against the SLANDERER. Kevin, agreed to never release the cartoons online to the general public, but felt that there was one last thing he could do to help. In response to witnessing his friends being attacked at the She Liked It Spooky Drag/Burlesque show, Kevin did a straight adaptation of William Wyler's The Children's Hour, straight off the dvd, with a message not to attack people on someone else's word when no evidence has been given. During this whole incident, Kevin, upon being put on the other side of things, realized that what he did with The Moral Dilemma was no better than what the Accuser did in her Slander attempts. The Irony of the entire incident had Kevin question whether the Slander attack was real, or if his friends were trying to teach him a lesson. Kevin's final conclusion in Path of the Raven was that the Slander Attack was real, The Goddesses of Fate were using IRONY and SERENDIPITY to teach Kevin the error of his ways, even though he had the best of intentions. Kevin's friends, upon seeing The Children's Hour adaptation, were satisfied, stating that the cartoon was funny, and that they appreciated his attempts to help them by video recording the Drag/Burlesque show to try and help their case.

The Bone F---er TrilogyEdit

Urd Okay Dinosaur Bob What is This
Since Kevin could not release the You're Under Arrest cartoons, as a consolation prize, he re-used the You're Under Arrest artwork for a series of three OVA cartoons: Date Night, A Few Bad Apples, and Bubblegum Shortage. Date Night was about the officers being called to catch a theater pirate called The Bone F---er, unaware that they were tipped off by Skuld, who was trying to get Keiichi busted for cheating on Belldandy with Peorth during a screening of Ken Russell's Crime of Passion. For revenge, Belldandy has Doctor What jump her into the movie so that Keiichi would be forced to watch her cheat on him during his date. After the incident, the YUA Officers actually DO catch the Theater Pirate, only to discover, to their horror, that he was connected to the death of several officers over a time period of ten years. Natsumi Tsujimoto demands Doctor What take her back in time to stop him, but Doctor What has second thoughts when she tells him they were all investigated for Corruption. After completing Natsumi's mission and stopping the serial killer, Urd, Natsumi, and Doctor What face the serious consequences of messing with the timeline when they return home only to find that the Oh My Goddess universe has been replaced by Bubblegum Crisis and eX-Driver. With the completion of these three stories, the Bad Goddess series reached it's 40th episode (45th if you count Path of the Raven)

Anniversary Special vs Love BitesEdit

Doctor What 2 Perhaps I Can Be of Assistance
ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL: Back during the Marller Gets a Spinoff season, the Ah My Goddess Internet Community saw Kosuke Fujishima scandalized in the news for his marriage a second time when one of his girlfriends tried to sue him for palimony. Apparently, Fujishima had been married while seeing a second woman on the side for 15 years, and promised to marry her once his divorce was finalized. Instead, he married a well known cosplayer that was less than half his age and already pregnant with his child, implying that the marriage may have been a shotgun wedding. As Keiichi Morisato is loosely based on Kosuke Fujishima during his college days, and Fujishima was such a major part of the Goddesses lives, Kevin memorialized the affair in the Bad Goddess Anniversary Special by having Keiichi, Belldandy, and Peorth undergo a similar relationship dynamic. This was not intended to pass judgment on Fujishima, but to help lend an understanding to his plight and request that the fan community not pass judgment on him.
Living Room Peorth Sad
LOVES BITES: Kevin had his own suspicions about Fujishima's marriage, such as 1) They have Arranged Marriages in Japan and his first marriage may have been a marriage of convenience; and 2) The Extended Time of the Relationship, mainly 15 years, implies that Fujishima's wife was probably aware of the second woman and chose to let it go. A possible explanation might have been that it helped give Kosuke insight into a three way relationship needed to write the character dynamic between Keiichi, Belldandy, and Urd in the Oh My Goddess Manga. Kevin himself knew what it was like to be trapped in marriage of convenience, as his wife openly stated that she no longer loved him as a husband and simply considered themselves to be roommates raising a child and even consented to the possibility of him seeing other women. Kevin felt that being forced into this relationship dynamic would brand him as a major hypocrite after poking fun at Fujishima, and decided that he should practice what he preached: that nobody is allowed to escape the guillotine on Bad Goddess, not even himself. Kevin used Keiichi and Belldandy to make fun of and help explain his relationship problems and eventual separation to his daughter, helping her to understand that while all relationships come to an end, and are sometimes affected by the relationships of the parents, that one should not be afraid to engage in them. A Relationship is about the process of being in a relationship, NOT how it ends.

The Curse of Bad GoddessEdit

Belldandy Where Are We Going to Get the Money
When Kevin originally wrote the Pilot Movie, he frequently found himself laughing so hard that he nearly choked to death and got intense headaches. Kevin got a bad feeling that while the cartoon Belldandy, Urd, and Skuld may be fictional, and the Norse Mythology Verdandi, Urdr, and Skolde may be abstracts, the forces of fate that inspired them may have been real and somewhat angry that he wrote a movie about Belldandy giving Keiichi Morisato a night of sex so intense that he dies of a heart attack and has to be rescued from Valhalla. When Kevin moved the series onward and made it about Doctor What, he would frequently get hit with bolts of inspirational dialogue that would come out of nowhere, but whenever he dragged out The Pilot Movie script, bad things would begin to happen in his life. Three months after writing the pilot movie, Kevin overstrained himself during a sex session with his first wife for the first time in their fifteen year marriage, where he felt like perhaps he had popped a blood vessel in his brain and was about to die, leaving him in agony for twenty minutes. Kevin also nearly choked to death during the writing of The Bad Goddess Who Fell to Earth because of all of Skuld's "Poledancing is an expressionistic art form" jokes. Bad Goddess also had an infamous time finding it's audience, appearing to be universally ignored at first because it was a fan film. Kevin now gets hit with cases of bad luck whenever he stops working on Ah My Goddess for too long to focus on his documentary films. It's as if the "Goddesses of Fate" are telling him "You wanted to smoke that cigarette, now you have to smoke the whole pack". Kevin dragged out The Pilot Movie again recently, it hit 4,600 views overnight, only to be blocked on youtube by Wag Corp for using Ah My Goddess music, and could only be advertised and shown in the region of South Korea. Kevin felt that this was the work of the former Ah My Goddess team flipping him off in reference to a joke he made in Marller Gets a Spinoff Blame It on Brodsky, where Michael Palin runs a pyramid scheme offering to give people voice acting roles on a "Special" version of Pokémon only available in South Korea. When Kevin showed the episode Misrepresentation of Our Gods Through the Media to one of his spiritualist tarot card reader friends from Zombie Life TV, he said he sense the energy of a god emitting out of the video. Kevin accidentally invoked The Norns in that episode, and they took delight in him using his own twisted sense of humor to convey how they actually felt about the Ah My Goddess fanbase that wanted to believe they were the same as their anime counterparts.