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Hey Guys, want to support one of AMG Voice Actress Juliet Cesario's Charity Causes, here's one involving Leukemia. Donate away:

Set one year after the events of the first movie, Keiichi (now an immortal spirit), is living up his afterlife with Belldandy to the fullest. When Skuld wishes that all of her friends can come up to Heaven to visit her, Mara Marller twists her wish around and destroys Planet Earth in a Nuclear Holocaust (quite conveniently after President Trump just took office). Heaven becomes overrun with more people than it can process and the race of Pagan Goddesses are forced to take the Unruly Christians into their homes as refugees which drives everyone up the wall. In an attempt to escape the madness, Keiichi and The Goddesses join a team of Valkyries on a rescue mission to Planet Earth which turns into a comedy sendup of James Cameron's Aliens and other Post Apocalypse Sci Fi films. Meanwhile Peorth is left to explain to everybody why nobody can seem to find Jesus in their version of Heaven and puts on a renegade USO show with late actors from all of the weirdo hippie Jesus films from the 1970s. This story also introduces the main villains of the series: a terrorist group called The Individual Me's, borrowed from a Rod Serling nuclear holocaust version of A Christmas Carol titled Carol For Another Christmas starring everyone's favorite ghosts of Past, Present, and Future. And it sets up the Five New Goddess Planets which will come into play during the Keys of Marinus serial.

I'm just now starting to get the Bad Goddess Fan Film IMDb page up and running and filled out. What I need now are user reviews. It doesn't matter if the reviews are good, bad, or vicious, just the simple act of writing one tells the people that look at that page that somebody took the time to watch it. Remember, an honest review will always be better than a bullshit good review, and infamy breeds interest. There is no such thing as bad publicity. If you like this series, please explain why, and if you hate this series, I want you to scream it out loud to the heavens for all to hear. I've already started it out with the worst possible one star review, so from that point onward, there's nowhere to go but up. If you don't have an IMDb account, there's a button that allows you to create one using your facebook login. So if you're one of those people that actually sat down and watched the video comic series, please state your feedback/opinion. Thank you.

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